Consignment Contract

Consignment Contract

This agreement is made between you, _______________________________ (the consignor) and MD Consignment Boutique (The Consignee).

The consignor and MD Consignment Boutique acknowledge and agree that the consignor has provided goods described that meet all quality conditions listed below.  These items are being placed for sale on a consignment basis, under the terms and conditions of this agreement:

  • MD Consignment Boutique agrees to pay the consignor 40% of the final sales price less taxes.


  • Consignor agrees to the following condition standards:


  1. No stains, outdated styling, holes, missing buttons or hooks, loose buttons or hooks, broken zippers, pilling, fading, loose or torn hems, or torn seams or any tears.
  2. Providing items that have been professionally cleaned, wrinkled free, odor free and pet hair free. ( If item is not cleaned,  MD Consignment Boutique will clean item and deduct fee from final payout to consignor)



  • All items must be in one of the following conditions: New with Tags, Nearly New      (No dresses will be accepted that are older than five years, some Vintage wedding Gowns will be considered) Excellent, Good with minor flaw (must note flaw on Item List form).


MD Consignment Boutique reserves the right to accept or decline                      merchandise they deem appropriate for the Consignment Boutique

  • MD Consignment Boutique agrees to use its best efforts to sell the goods in a timely matter, including advertising and all social media outlets. MD Consignment Boutique reserves the right to markdown items at any given time.


  • MD Consignment Boutique will determine the selling price of all items based on age, condition, brand, style, size and demand. If you have a minimum you will accept for the items brought for consignment you must notify us on the item list and it must be pre-approved by a staff member of MD Consignment Boutique.  We reserve the right to refuse any item, if we do not feel we can obtain your asking price.


  • The consignment agreement is based on a 6 month period, although either party may terminate this agreement with a thirty (30) day written notice given to the other. Merchandise picked up by the consignor prior to the 6 months or without a 30 day written notice will be subject to an immediate $50.00 fee.



  • After 6 months, the consignor then has the option of donating to MD Consignment Boutique or picking up the item(s). An attempt will be made to contact the consigner after the 6 month period, via email, regarding the item(s) that have not been sold.  This is only a courtesy email. You are responsible for noting the day of pick-up.  Item(s) must be picked up within 5 days of notification or items will automatically become property of MD Consignment Boutique WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE.


  • An option to renew the agreement for an additional 6 months will be at the discretion of MD Consignment Boutique.


  • Once the dress or accessories has been sold, you will automatically be paid out 30 days after the sale via Square pay. Please download the square cash app @https//


  • MD Consignment Boutique is a consignment broker and cannot hold insurance for inventory it does not own. We are careful and trustworthy but assume NO liability for fire, flood, theft, damage or wear.  The item will be handled and tried on and some wear should be expected at time of pick up.


  • The terms and conditions of this contract will remain in effect until further notice.



  • If any part of this agreement is adjudged invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the remaining parts shall not be affected and shall remain in full force and effect.


  • This agreement shall be binding upon the parties, and upon the heirs, executors, personal representatives, administrators and assigns, No person shall have a right or cause of action arising out of resulting from this agreement except those who are set out in this agreement. The agreement may not be modified except in writing signed by all parties.


  • Your item must not be listed for sale anywhere else during period of contract.












Item List

Garment Detail


Original Purchase Price _______________________________

Price you would like to sell for (You will receive 50% once sold) ___________

Lowest price you will accept (You will receive 50% once sold) _____________

Year Purchased _______

Store item was purchased ___________________________

Designer _______________________________________

Size ________________

Alterations Made _________________________________

Dress Condition ______________Perfect ______________

Good _____________________Fair__________________

Dress Status ___________________ Worn ______________Never

__________________Sample ______________________Vintage

Fabric ____________________________________________

Any Flaws_________________________________________________







Contact Information


Consignor Name _______________________________________

Phone Number ________________________________________

Email address ________________________________________

Address _________________ City______________ Zip________

Consignor Signature ___________________________________

Date _________________





MD Boutique Consultant




Customer Number